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New Year!

Darn the internet! I'd written this whole entry on why I haven't written and how watching Grey's Anatomy depresses me, and how I love to be sad, so I watched more clips of it with "Chasing Cars" and "How to Save a Life", etc. .. then I thought I'd listen to Launchcast while I was writing and it froze up the internet. darnit!
So... I'm not gonna write about that anymore.
Van got me a laptop for Christmas! Yay!
Oh, so I was writing about how "mmmmmm" Ryan Gosling is in "The Notebook", but it's because of his character. I hope that Van will be as in love with me for always. But really, that's not a fair wish, because I fall in and out of love with him all the time. And if he's in love with me, he certainly doesn't show it in a way that I understand. I know that he loves me. But buying me a laptop is not romantic. I love my laptop, and I'm crazy happy that he got it for me. But it's not sweet and romantic.
I wish we had all that romance back in our life.
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