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A Night Out

Melissa, Amanda, and I went out last night. They drank a little bit before we went out, so I had to drive. I don't need booze to have fun. And it was actually quite fun because we did what we went out to do -- dance. Van went out too - with his friends. I was okay with it. That is, until he called me at 3am and told me that Jenna went too. Hmph. I was trying to figure out if I should say something to him about how I felt, and if so, then what I would say. I mean, I've been trying to be okay with him going out without me. It was a guy's thing, so that was fine. But then to throw a girl in there - was not fine. I'm totally not okay with it. Even though I went out too and had a good time...
When he came home, I asked him if or rather just commented that I felt like he didn't want me there. But he said that he did. He was bored. He didn't have a good time. Jenna got together with Kevin, and everybody else kinda hooked up with someone, so he was just alone. But knowing Van, he just always makes the best of the situation. Anyhow, I was a little happy to know that he didn't have such a good time without me. In this situation, anyways.
So - my little sister is crazy! There all these guys that wanted to dance with us, but Mel & I were like - Ungh-uh, we're taken. Manda, on the other hand was all over that. She was freaking with some guy FOREVER! And then it was like, guy after guy. Sheesh. But I'm glad that she's uninhibited enough to do that. I'm sure as heck not. I don't like guys touching me. There's only one guy that can dance all up on me. Hmm, and maybe Jean Paul. Just because he's harmless enough (he's like a little brother), but not related. Some guy touched my butt and I almost elbowed him. Ooh! The nerve. I just turned around and pushed him away, though.
My thighs were burning. Boy, you really do have to be in shape to dance. I couldn't do my normal moves. And then the heels! UH! I need to start wearing heels more often to get used to it.
Well - a good time was had by all. The three of us anyways.
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