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Who Am I?

I was reading my last couple of entries. It's so funny that previous to my "pissed" entry, I was deliriously happy that I'd found my pearl. Hm. Psychotic girl, I am.
I was on the inspiration peak website and found this quote by Buddha that hit home. It felt like Buddha himself took a huge mallet and pounded this thought into me -

You can only lose what you cling to.

It's so simple and so profound. I need to remember that.
I wish I could live life simply. Just give and love. To heck with my Coach purses and Tiffany jewelry. WHY? It's so superficial. And yet... it just sneaks up on me. Okay, but in my defense, I do really like the purses, not just because they're from Coach. And I love the Elsa Peretti line, it's simple and elegant. But okay, I wouldn't buy the Coach purses if they were knock-offs. Well, I did buy one, but I don't carry it. So doesn't that mean that I'm superficial to some extent?
Sometimes it's hard to like myself. I find reasons to not, when I very well should.
hee-hee. Yeah, I'm a psycho and a schizo. Poor Van.
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